Music video for Pete Hill from his album, Anyhow. Directed & Edited by Nick Murphy

Paul, Nick, & Josh create a series of commercials for a local business and have to deal with a client from hell.

The Lost Starfighter is a Star Wars fan film written & directed by Nick Murphy & Paul Ritchey, with visual effects by Samuel Hall. It chronicles the misadventures of Blue Squadron as they complete their last day of training. One of Blue Two's pranks sends Blue Five to the wrong coordinates and into enemy territory.

Paul, Nick, & Josh win a contest to visit the birthplace of our nation and learn about democracy. Also they fight about who is gonna do the dishes. 

The Legend of Zelda (1987) Trailer

God of War Indie Movie Trailer

To Save Christmas - Directed by Nick Murphy & Paul Ritchey

Spooky Squad: Bigfoot's Big Feat - Directed by Nick Murphy & Paul Ritchey

Remember The 90s? - Directed by Nick Murphy & Paul Ritchey

Continue? Holiday Special 2014 - Directed by Nick Murphy

The Continue? Holiday Special 2013 - Directed by Nick Murphy

Worst Halloween Ever - Directed by Nick Murphy

Dear Josh - Directed by Nick Murphy

Star Wars Christmas Special... 

UPN Sports Promo

Inglourious Plummers Trailer

Portal '80s Commercial

Left 4 Dead '80s Commercial

The Bridge

Fistful of Film

Il Vino - A documentary about Philadelphia winemakers, the Apadula family.

5:03pm - Experimental. Time, motion, and freedom. Inspired by Eadweard Muybridge.

Supervillains in Love: The Monarchs

Untitled 4 (Camera)

Untitled 8

Some Days